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We have a strong foundation

With many decades of experience in new home construction the owners of Grandemoore Homes bring the knowledge and expertise needed to build a high quality home at an affordable price.

The foundation of our company is built upon quality craftsmanship and value. Our entire organization is committed to helping you achieve your dreams in a new home that will last a lifetime.

Where we stand out most from our competitors is our process. Customers will work directly with one of the owners through the sales and design process which provides decisions on the spot and a direct line of communication straight to the top throughout the building process. It allows us to begin building the relationship and trust which carries through the entire building process.


We provide an exceptional experience to every customer through friendly, timely and responsive communication delivered on a consistent basis. Our customers are well informed about the entire process and are involved every step of the way. What this provides is piece of mind that they have made a sound decision and that they are working with someone that cares not only about them, but also their investment.

Are you ready to build your dream home?
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